smile more

yesterday during a quick after-church stop in to dollar tree, i ran across a big display of sally hansen smile brightening lip treatment. i figured it was worth a try, and i can't believe it only cost me $1. i'm assuming it was much more somewhere else at one point. because it's awesome. and here's why:

1. my teeth really do look visibly whiter
2. the tube is very glamourous-looking and i'm a sucker for packaging (see below)
3. it's the perfect balance of gloss and color without being sticky
4. the luminous color is about the most flattering ever - it looks like i'm wearing lip color and definitely brightens my entire face, but it's still very subtle and natural
5. my lips are really chapped this time of year, but the gloss looks smooth and evens out my chapped areas

i think it's seriously my new favorite lip color. i'm headed back this evening to stock-up on a few more $1 tubes, especially since i'm fairly concerned it's been discontinued, as i can't find the product on sally hansen's site. let's hope not.


April said...

I'm so glad you posted this. I used to LOVE this lipgloss and it was discontinued. I'm so glad to hear that it's at Dollar Tree. I'm going to get some today!

chelsea said...

Yay! I hope all the area Dollar Tree's have it! Good luck!