winter white

it's funny how in early january, once i've managed to wrestle down christmas, the organizational spring-cleaning bug hits me and i want to clean out every drawer, cupboard, and closet in my house to make room for the new christmas goodies and get rid of every i-haven't-worn-it-since-i-bought it/shrunk it/spilled olive oil on it sweater. this weekend will probably consist of some serious re-organizing including my craft boxes, kitchen cupboards, and desk drawers. these fresh, neutral (mostly) white interiors make me want to purge nearly all of my belongings and live a clutter-free house forever. i'm fairly certain at 600 square feet and one closet, that's impossible, but i can dream.

i'm not really a bath person. maybe it's because i've never had a tub that looks like this.

i really want a cool mounted animal in a weird color/print. like this pink deer. so fun. 

this feather screen might be the coolest thing ever. 

this lady has a turret in her san fran home. jealous much?

grey is the coziest color out there. my next bedroom will be grey if i can help it. 

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Lindsey Lee Lancaster Hartsell said...

I'm pretty sure we can male that screen. We have Joe, We have Paint. yes, we can.