hello, 2011

a new year and a new look for the blog!

2010 had its ups and downs, but ultimately (aside from my best friend's wedding), was not all that memorable. it snowed more than usual. i went to two fashion shows. i discovered gin and tonics. i turned a-quarter-of-a-century. i voted in the mid-term election. i spent an unacceptable amount of time working late. i went on three dates (yes, lame). that pretty much sums it up.

that said, 2011, you're going to need to step it up. i'm ready for an awesome new job, possibly a move, and, let's face it, a date for new year's 2012. think you can make that happen? okay, good. while we're at it, here are a few things i'll be doing this year:

1. turn up the heat in the kitchen: i love to cook. i love to eat. and yet, i get lazy quite often and eat eggs, soup from a can, or turkey sandwiches. i save lots of recipes and have an entire shelf of awesome cookbooks. it's time for me to stop being cheap and lazy and start making meals i'm actually excited to eat. starting with lots of soup this winter.

2. wear my closet: i have a huge closet full of clothes. like many, though, i have fallen in to a rut of wearing certain pieces in slightly-varied combinations and not challenging myself to be creative. a lot of my clothes, despite the fact that i love them, stay on their hangers for one reason or another, which is unfortunate. i tend to get lazy in this area as well, and i want to change that. jessica at what i wore inspires me to be less afraid i'll look crazy and embrace my affinity for mismatching, layers, and vintage girly looks.

3. blog like i love it (because i do): i really do love to blog, but if you're a consistent reader (hi, mom) you know that's not always the case. i have loved working on my blog's new look over the past few days and want to continue to make an effort to maintain it.

4. less internet, more creativity: aside from taking the time to read my favorite blogs and blog myself, it's time to nix looking at albums on facebook and aimlessly wandering around etsy. as great as it is, i could make some pretty awesome things myself if i were intentional about doing so. crafting is fun, i always complain that i don't have time, but i do. first-up: painting. i loved it in college and my box of acrylics and oils in the closet hasn't seen the light of day in a while.

5. budget the dolla-bills: i still haven't quite swallowed the fact that i'll be living off unemployment until i find a job. i'd like to keep my house and have food to eat. i'm going to have to be super disciplined about my spending, which isn't something i've had to do in the past. i mean, i'm a horribly cheap person, but still. it's going to be a challenge, but probably a good one.

there you are - my five resolutions for 2011. i'm actually quite excited about them. i plan on holding up my end of the bargain, so 2011, please do the same? i'll be waiting and while i'm at it, cooking, crafting, dressing-up, blogging and budgeting. happy new year!

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Laces said...

YES! LOVE the new look and music! weeeeee!

April said...

These are wonderful resolutions! They seem challenging enough to keep you thinking about it, but easy enough to actually keep them.

I may steal of few of these resolutions from you because I like the ideas so much!

Good luck and I'll keep checking back on your blog posts!

Gray Sea said...

love these resolutions, especially the one about cooking. If you run into any great recipes, I hope you share them on your blog!