i'll have a grande-double-shot-soy-latte, thanks

i know that coming from a small town, i should be in support of local coffee shops. but i love starbucks. (and pretty much anywhere else that wants to serve me coffee - dilworth and caribou are also among my favorites.) and once, about forty years ago, starbucks was a local coffee shop, too. i don't really think starbucks has done much to offend me beyond charging me 0.50 extra for soy milk (that actually does irritate me) and basically overcharging me for coffee in general. but i choose to pay those prices, so i can't really get upset. as far as i'm aware, starbucks is pretty dedicated to fair trade and corporate responsibility and strives to maintain a neutral front when it comes to politics and major issues. i can't say that i know about everything in their history, but i don't think there have been any big scandals or obvious financial mismanagement. and, they have an excellent customer service department - issues are handled personally and generally involve free coffee. they also give me free weekly music downloads, which are usually a great addition to my itunes. so, until something comes up that changes my mind, i plan on enjoying lattes and coffee and tea and scones and pumpkin cream cheese muffins there, even if they are a corporate giant.
but, here's the BIG NEWS. starbucks is turning forty this year and because of that, two very exciting things are happening (there could be more than two, actually - but these are the ones i know about...)

1. the TRENTA. 31 ounces of coffee. meaning, bigger than a venti. meaning about 1/2 cup shy of one liter. i'm pretty sure my heart might explode if i drank that much caffeine, and i'm also pretty sure this drink will break the $6 mark, but just the same, the trenta is hitting menus as we speak (iced drinks only at this point), so get excited.

2. a new logo, as seen above! i get really excited when companies re-brand. i'm a dork and marketing excites and interests me. some re-brand efforts are great (recent - caribou, country living) and some not-so-great (recent - belk - ew), but the jury's still out on this new look. i find it rather interesting that the actual "starbucks coffee" name isn't part of the logo. i guess it's so big now it speaks for itself? what do you think? i, for one, really wish they'd bring back "the way i see it" quotes on their cups. i loved those!

in honor of these fun changes, i'll be enjoying starbucks twice today. i already had an early morning meeting, and i'll be rejoining them this evening for book club. thanks to my friend and blog reader mrs. crowell's christmas generosity, one of my drinks today will be a free one! happy coffee drinking...

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