autumn in new york

happy tuesday! i apologize for being mia on the blogging lately. things have been really busy. the good thing, about that, however, is i have lots of fun new things about which to blog. starting with something really exciting: this past weekend, i traveled with my parents up to rochester, new york where my parents grew up and where i spent my first five and a half years on this earth. most of my dad's family still lives there, and this past weekend we celebrated my grandmother's 70th with a big family surprise party. (side note: the most entertaining part of this party was that my uncle ordered a ton of pulled pork barbeque. i didn't even know that existed so far north!) anyways, after the party we spent the rest of the weekend visiting with family and enjoying the fall.

growing up in concord/charlotte has been quite a different experience than i would have probably had were my family to have stayed in the rochester area. although rochester is the home of eastman kodak, it's otherwise a small, humble city that doesn't really feel much like a city at all compared to charlotte. we spent most of our time in penfield and ontario, suburbs of rochester, and much more rural and beautiful than any suburb i've seen here. i'll probably always want to live in a suburb of a large city - i can't imagine having to drive more than a few minutes to target or tjmaxx when boredom sets in, but the nice thing about the penfield/ontario area is that you get both the feel of living in the country, with target, tjmaxx and most everything else you could wish for just a short drive away. also, the rochester area boasts some of the best schools in the country and some of the lowest prices on homes i've ever seen (even before this housing crisis kicked in).

one of my favorite pastimes is to visit new york in the fall. everything is unbelivably beautiful there - i've never seen such brilliant fall colors or gorgeous produce. i can even tell from the airplane before landing that the area is so different from the south. our fall visits there seem to be something out of a country magazine, with beautiful homes, foliage, farmers markets, crisp weather, and golden rolling fields. as a child, my parents always took my brother and i to herman's, a small farmers market near my grandmothers with a pumpkin patch, and the most amazing fresh pressed apple cider and homemade doughnuts (you can watch both being made behind large glass windows) i have ever tasted. it's not fall without a visit to this market, which, hasn't changed in the twenty or so years since we've been gone. it's been a couple of years since i've made it up there this time of year and i was just going crazy taking pictures of all the beautiful sights. the leaves weren't quite peak yet, but they were still gorgeous! i love my life here in concord but i think i could get excited about living somewhere as beautiful as upstate new york in the future. enjoy some of my favorite shots from the trip!

some lovely things at bauman's, another farmer's market where we stopped to pick up some sweet corn. herman's is more nostalgic but bauman's has the better photo ops.

the annual corn-husk tee-pee at bauman's (you can go inside!):pumpkins at hermans: the most delicious doughnuts in the world:look at all the apples!! fall colors on both sides of the canal bridge:
beautiful downtown fairport:

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