bird brain

this is my new wallpaper on my computer. i came across the image recently while clicking through stuff on weheartit.com and it made me so happy. real birds kind of creep me out, especially in large numbers (my sixth grade teacher made us read the short story "the birds" and then watch alfred hitchcock's creepy film adaptation) but i think they're really beautiful. recently i've become obsessed with bird motifs in decorating, fashion, basically everything, and i completely love vintage paintings of birds (they're everywhere!). i will most likely be posting more on this in the future, but for tonight, think about what this cute little picture suggests. birds are notoriously unintelligent (hence the term "bird brain"), but wouldn't it be nice to be so simple-minded sometimes? to be so happy about something so small? unfortunately i find myself overlooking simple joys in order to fret about the bigger things. i know french fries always make me happy, but hopefully this little photo will be a reminder everytime i sit at my computer to thank god more for tiny bits of happy in my day.

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Blair said...

you always find the best photos!!