happy (birthday!) weekend!

image via dorthe alstrup photography
it's friday! and it's my beautiful friend blair's 26th! blair is the author of the other sister, a laugh-out-loud, honest, and lovely blog about living life in the middle. check her out! blair informed me that she didn't want to do anything "fancy" for her birthday this year, which is a new development for her, but i couldn't resist posting this gorgeously fancy room of balloons! happy birthday, blair! i love you!

as for the rest of you, have a beautiful weekend and be sure to check in tomorrow for my second-to-last breast cancer post! take time to enjoy the chilly weather and the leaves, as they are quickly passing me by!

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lacey said...

how pretty are all of those balloons?! they remind me of the restaurant that carrie and miranda went to for valentine's day dinner on the sex and the city movie . :-)