paint the world pink!

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it's a new day and a new organization. next up: the breast cancer research foundation, who focuses mainly on funding vital cancer research to find more effective treatment options, wellness and prevention plans, and in a best case scenario, a cure once and for all. the foundation was started by one woman named evelyn h. lauder in 1992 and has grown into an organization that funds research not just in the united states, but all over the world. this year alone they plan to donate $35 million to 150 of the world's leading researchers. the best thing about the bcrf is that their overhead costs are lower than that of any other breast cancer organization, which really makes you think, considering they are funding expensive research. because of that, you know exactly where your dollars are going - the foundation guarantees that 85 cents of every dollar donated goes directly to research funding. that's a pretty high percentage compared to a lot of other non-profits! additionally, they have launched a bunco for breast cancer campaign, which i think is quite possibly the cutest thing ever. (they even have a bunco cruise, which is happening as i write this!)

the bcrf is cool too because they have taken a global approach to this disease rather than just focusing on it in the united states. researchers suggest that by the year 2020, 70% of all breast cancer cases will occur in developing countries. can you imagine!? i guess i never really thought much of breast cancer from a global perspective, but thanks to grants from the bcrf, women worldwide are receiving care and pink is being spread throughout the globe! click here to see a map of all the places bcrf funds are making an impact!

i'm sure you're wondering, other than rolling some dice with your girlfriends, what you can do to help. aside from donating or volunteering, you can always purchase fun things with proceeds to benefit the foundation. and in this case, you can stock your beauty closet with all sorts of goods and look hot while helping save lives. several cosmetic companies have partnered with the bcrf including estee lauder and clinique, who will donate $10 per their (ever popular) dramatically different moisturizing lotion sold. clinique is also sponsoring a fun contest with the bcrf to share a survival story, inspire others, and win a day of pampering. conair has also joined, donating fifteen percent of their power of pink line (hair appliances) and bobbi brown will donate up to $35,ooo from the sales of her pink quartz lip glitter and tulle lipstick duo. and last but certainly not least (i had to include this because who doesn't love coach?) coach has a slew of products available through december that will support the bcrf including a super cute pink lexington watch ($100 from each $398 watch sold) and 20% from several unbearably cute scarves and keychains (27x27" love scarf shown here) if a $400 watch is a little extravagant for you.

so if you're like me and only passed some hazardous chemistry labs in school because your professor was too afraid to let you try them again, you probably aren't planning to become a famous research scientist in your lifetime. but thanks to the bcrf and it's affiliates, we can all hold a pink paintbrush in this project, even if it is only a lipstick applicator!

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