red (high heels), white and blue

let's be honest. whether or not you like sarah palin you have to admit she's done very well for herself since she was chosen as mccain's running mate. she has completely transformed the politician stereotype from stuffy, old and out of touch to hot, young and fairly normal. some people love her, some people hate her and some people are really good at impersonating her (tina fey). if you didn't watch this past week's saturday night live you should definitely check out amy pohler's rap about sarah on weekend update. sarah appeared twice on the show (and was such a good sport!) alongside tina's character, giving snl it's highest ratings in fourteen years.
i don't really want to use my blog to make political statments but i do have to say that regardless of what i think about her qualifications, governor palin is probably the cutest ever. laura bush has certainly been one of the classier first ladies since jackie o, but otherwise there really aren't too many attractive women in washington. (have you seen nancy pelosi lately? hello botox overload.) i just love governor palin's pouffy hair, classy suits, and trendy glasses and i think her sense of humor and ability to laugh at herself has helped her and senator mccain's campaign tremendously. i had to post this picture from palin's recent visit to elon university in burlington, nc. when complimented regarding her super-cute red heels, she replied "well i couldn't wear all black." i know a strong fashion sense doesn't really guarantee success in washington but seriously what other politician wears red pumps with her suit? love it.

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