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october is wrapping up quickly and i have really enjoyed researching for my breast cancer posts. as i mentioned at the beginning of the month, i don't really know anyone that is fighting or has fought this disease, but as women it's important that we all recognize the risk and support the brave women for whom this cancer is a reality.

i had no idea how much i would enjoy the research i've done for this post on susan g. komen for the cure. as it is the largest provider of private funds for breast cancer research and the largest and most progressive grassroots network of breast cancer survivors and activists, i sort of expected a very impersonal website with an overwhelming amount of information and ways to get involved. instead i found an intensely effective organization inspired by a dying woman whose concern as cancer ravaged through her body was making a change for the future and other women. i usually begin my research reading about each organization and how it was founded and i started today in the same fashion. i was surprised to find, however, as i read founder nancy g. brinker's account of her sister's (susan g. komen) battle with and death from breast cancer, that i was crying. sad movies usually make me cry. and sometimes extreme home makeover makes me tear up on sundays, but never things that i read. i was shocked. but nancy's words were so powerful and heartbreaking. and the worst thing about it is that this didn't just happen to one woman, but hundreds of thousands of women every day! i can't imagine being the one receiving treatment or watching someone i love receive it and i suppose it's the unimaginable, heart-wrenching frustration and sadness that gave nancy the passion required to create such an inspiring foundation.

susan g. komen for the cure, as i mentioned earlier, is the largest worldwide provider of private funds for research and education. it created the "komen race for the cure" which has become the most successful education and fundraising event for breast cancer, ever. and they don't simply "dump the funds and run", as nancy puts it. they create activists in communities throughout the united states who carry out susan g. komen's wishes for women, keeping breast cancer awareness high on the list of public consciousness, and saving lives as a result. the foundation has invested 1.2 billion in breast cancer over the past 25 years and has plans for 2 billion more over the next 10. unlike other organizations (or at least in my research), komen for the cure also works to affect funding and public policy, advocating more government funds for research and education. i could write a novel about all of the things offered and ways to get involved. summits, conferences, races, campaigns, etc. the best way to find information if you're interested is to check out the website yourself!

naturally, with susan g. komen for the cure being the largest of the breast cancer foundations, the products you can buy to support them are endless. thankfully, i've done some research for you and chosen my three favorites. first, if i receive nothing else when i get married (besides a giant diamond and an amazing party, of course), it will be a kitchenaid stand mixer. in case you have been living under a rock for the past ten years (or aren't too interested in cooking), kitchenaid mixers are top of the line (martha uses them), feature endless attachments that can do everything but clean the kitchen, and come in a variety of yummy colors, including pink. the good news is, kitchenaid will donate $50 for every pink stand mixer sold and varying amounts for other pink products (toasters, blenders, aprons, etc. i want them all!) from their cook for the cure campaign. and if you want some perfect recipies with which to use your new pink mixer, better homes and gardens will make a minimum donation of $250,000 up to $550,000 from the sales of their limited edition pink plaid cookbook. if you aren't too confident about your cooking skills, this is a great book to have - i own the regular red plaid edition (mine's vintage, but the new ones are just as cool) and it has tons of basic recipes, conversion charts, instructions on cooking techniques, etc. finally, to (sort of) fit in with my cooking theme, one of my favorite meals to cook is a big, delicious breakfast. what better thing to wear while flipping blueberry pancakes than these cute needham lane pajamas? a small, family owned company, they were recently featured in O magazine and through the end of this month (hurry!) 15% of any purchase will be donated with promo code "THINK PINK" at checkout.

i'll admit i expected to feel the least passionate about susan g. komen for the cure, but instead i found i feel the most passionate. while each organization i have outlined this month is helping the cause, i so admire nancy brinker's committment to her sister and to curing this disease and all of the women she has strengthened along the way. stay tuned next week for my final pink post!

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