happy first frost!

image via flickr
this morning was the first frost and i can't think of a better way to wake up on a monday! (yay for fall and cold weather!) i got up early early this morning which is not something i do often since i've been looking for a job - you can tell from my post times that i'm more of a night owl; but i needed to get some things done and get a jump start on my day. and i'm so glad i did! i ran outside in my pj's around seven to put something in the mailbox and the morning was so crisp and gorgeous i decided i just had to be out in it. so i put on my puffy vest (if you don't know, i'm obsessed with them) and my asics and took a four mile power walk all through downtown. i think i smiled the whole time. i crunched through all the leaves that had fallen on the sidewalk, enjoyed looking at the ones that still remain on the trees and listened to the new david archuleta single more than once on my ipod. i love seeing cities/towns wake up in the morning - it was so calm and quiet when i started but by the end stores were opening, firemen were out jogging, moms were walking their terribly cute bundled up toddlers to preschool, and the garbage men were trucking down the street. although cheesy, it was just a perfect morning and i had to share. happy first fall frost!

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