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i know you're not supposed to judge a book by it's cover, but i'm totally a sucker for packaging. aesthetics are important to me and i buy lots of things based on the way they're presented to me, the customer. i know what kind of wine i like in general but there are so many varieties it usually comes down to region first (I usually like wines made abroad over domestic ones), and then, well, I choose based on the label. this isn't even always true of just products but stores, restaurants, etc. presentation and atmosphere are important. i don't like shopping at food lion or walmart as much as i prefer kroger, target, or harris teeter, even though generally prices for the same merchandise are a few cents higher. it's sad but true: i'd rather spend a little more to be somewhere that looks nicer. and of course, the same is true with a lot of food: there are so many different brands out there, what's a girl to do besides pick the pretty one? anyways, check out the photos below of the cute cute chocolate packaging i've found - who doesn't love chocolate, especially when it's wrapped up so deliciously?

these chocolates, from 100% chocolate cafe, are numbered by flavor/type.i know you're not supposed to play with your food but how can you resist?

i generally feel like a fat pig while eating chocolate anyway - i might as well buy the kind with the cute piggy wrapper.

like converstaion hearts but much cuter and i'm certain more delicious.

i think these might be my favorite. gorgeous!

these chocolates (pronouced like chocolate-y) have ground up tea leaves in them. interesting (and cute!).this chocolate is available in only certain stores. it's deemed "luxury" chocolate and made with only the finest ingredients. while checking out the website, i came across the "price upon request" part for this package of chocolate. gucci and prada usually do that for their more expensive and special items, but chocolate? i'm very curious how much this costs (and how yum it is as well).

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i want to buy all of these!!