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vignette - pronounced "vin-yet", refers to "a small, decorative design or illustration on a blank space in a book, especially at the beginning or end of a chapter or on the title page." the word is diminutive of the word "vigne", or a grapevine. this explains the flowery, floral-y designs to which this word refers (see above.)

also, in english, this word refers to "any small pleasing picture or view" and is most commonly used to describe small, decorative arrangements on tables or dressers that include small tchotchkes, such as picture frames, books, and other special possessions. (see below.) natural elements such as branches and flowers are also often included.

usage examples:
1. samantha, i just love your new vignette in your foyer - you're so creative!
2. paul's vignette displayed many of his most treasured possessions, including an signed first-edition of his favorite book, and a picture of his parents on their wedding day.
3. my brother's sketched vignette was so lovely, i asked him if i could have it to frame.

images: 1.flickr 2.michelle adams via absolutely beautiful things

quoted text: 1. french for le snob: adding panache to your every day conversations by yvette reche, fall river press. 2.dictionary.com

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