$0.59 to fabulous

so if you know me at all you've probably caught on to the fact that i'm not a big fan of the summer. it's humid, hot, and icky. i sweat when i'm just walking to my car and my hair never looks good for more than ten minutes. to top it off this year, my little house only has window units and it never gets too cool. i do not enjoy keeping my window blinds closed all day to keep the sun out. it makes me feel like an invalid. come to think of it, so does the summer. every time i go outside lately i just want to lie down. 

so basically i've been looking forward to fall since may. and now that it's on the horizon, i am so excited for all the fantastic-ness that it brings. including christmas preparations. 

(yes, i'm one of those irritating people that starts getting excited/listening to christmas music/watching christmas movies months in advance.)

so i'm sure you can imagine my excitement this weekend when while wandering the aisles at michael's craft store i happened upon a few in the back decked out with christmas goodness. best buy of the day? my 0.59 mini glitter branches that look just like the ones above. they look so gorgeous in a silver vase in my bedroom. and maybe it's just me, but they don't look the least bit christmas-y. i'm really overly excited about them and i keep thinking about where i can put more of them in my house. i should probably keep the glitter in moderation, but i'm planning on buying more soon and i think that just maybe you need some as well. 

1st image via thecherryblossomgirl.com

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ginny said...

I need to get some!!!