i have a confession to make. i bought a watermelon at trader joe's on sunday. i finished it tonight. that's two days. i ate an entire watermelon (it was a small one, by the way) by myself. the good news is it's probably the most guilt-free snack out there next to celery and sugar-free popsicles. the bad news is i ate an entire watermelon by myself. doesn't really sound like something i should be sharing with people.
but why are watermelons so, so good? i seriously love them. and i'm going to be sad when i can't buy them anymore when summer is over. actually it's going to be just about the only thing i'll miss about the summer.

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b. said...

you're making me want some watermelon now! :) lol.

how do you know when its good and juicy and ready to be cut into?

chelsea said...

haha! i don't know exactly - with canteloupe (another delicious melon!) i've always heard that the stronger the smell on the base of the melon, the sweeter the fruit. but i don't know with watermelons. i just know i've never met one i didn't like! :o)