parlez-vous français?

parlez-vous français? mondays are back! i have a long list of french words for the upcoming weeks. i was recently amused by a friend's misuse of a particular french word with another similar one. the two words below have only the placement of an i to differentiate them, but their definitions are not nearly so close.

brasserie: pronounced bras-air-ee, refers to a large café or restaurant. can also refer to a brewery.

usage example:

1. let's run to the brasserie around the corner and get lunch.

brassiére: pronounced bras-ear, refers to a woman's bra/corset undergarmet.

 usage example:

1. i loved that brassiére at la perla the other day.


clearly these are not words that should be confused but it can easily happen!

until next monday, au revoir

images: 1.ambrosia3 at deviantart.com 2.blackeiffel.blogspot.com 3.flickr

1 comment:

Blair said...

who would EVER confuse those words?
its not like their basically the same or anything.
silly silly friends.