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fabulous news! anna sui is coming to target! i've loved her designs for a long, long time and now i have the option of actually purchasing some of her pieces! and here's the even cooler news: each of the line's 19 looks are inspired by the four main characters in gossip girl. i can't say that i've ever watched the show faithfully, but when i have tuned in, i've very much enjoyed all the gorgeous fashion-forward looks (especially the dresses!).

i'm personally a fan of blair's style, but some of serena's looks are really cute, too. here are a few of my favorites, all available beginning september 13: 

usually i'd save the best for last, but this shiny little blair-inspired minidress is my favorite.
from blair's collection - cute as a dress, over pants, or tucked into a pencil skirt. 
cargo dress from serena's collecion. i'm not sure if i'd ever wear this, but it's still cute.
love love this serena dress. i would wear this to death at the office.
note: i hate ankle boots and knitted toboggans. without those, this dress is really cute. (from jenny's collection).
i love this whole look. a lot. usually, jenny's style isn't really something i would copy, but i could wear this entire outfit. 

NOTE: some of the looks, not pictured here, are hideously ugly. not anna sui-like at all. vanessa's whole collection is orange and brown and looks like some sort of bad fall decoration from the dollar store. shoppers beware. 

images: 1. community.livejournal.com 2.-7. target lookbook

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