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tonight my mom reminded me i should watch oprah since my favorite design crush/eye candy nate berkus was on. he discussed ways to keep your home's decor up to date and said that he thought traditional american decor would never go out of style. so i started thinking about what i thought was timeless - what decorative elements have never (and hopefully will never) change with our constantly changing styles, tastes, and inspirations?

so here's my little list, starting with the photo above:

1. lamps - cheap-o lights that hang from the ceiling, florescent lighting, even the cooler-toned energy saving bulbs all change the appearance of a space. they take out the warmth and make the room less inviting. lamps make a space comfortable and are flexible in where they can be placed. they're also beautiful and stylish and are inexpensive ways to change/spruce up a room.

2. natural light - while we're on the topic of light, any space with lots of natural light is better than a darker one. studies show that natural light affects everything from our health to our mood and i don't think this will change any time soon. 

3. bookshelves - last i checked, despite amazon's lame attempt at this ridiculous kindle thing, books haven't gone out of style. in fact, they've been in demand for centuries. and our ways to display/store them has, in turn, been part of our homes as well. regardless of your taste or decorating style, there is a bookshelf for you. there are endless options. and the best part is you get to fill the empty spaces with whatever your heart desires.

4. all white palettes - timeless and beautiful. there's not much else to say. 

5. mirrors - they reflect light, make a space seem larger, and make sure we look as pulled-together as our homes. i'm pretty sure louis XIV made the transition from vanity accessory to decorative piece with his hall of mirrors in the versailles palace, and i'm pretty sure we still like them for both reasons today. 

6. fresh flowers - they're naturally beautiful. and there's nothing more timeless than that.

7. art that inspires you - i know too many people who buy trendy art. these are not the type of wall-hangings i'm talking about. art that is special to you, that inspires you, that reminds you of a special place/feeling/thought/idea/thing will be timeless in your home and, in turn special to your loved ones as well. these pieces may not be timeless by others' standards, but if they're special to you, they'll remain so no matter where they hang in your home. 

so what about you? what elements of design do you think are timeless?

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Blair said...

hardwood floors. doesn't matter if they're new, stained, old, scuffed up...its a classic!