parlez-vous français?

repertoire - pronounced "rep - ert - war", refers to 1."the complete list or supply of skills, devices, or ingredients used in a particular field, occupation, or practice"; 2. "a supply of skills, devices, or expedients"

usage examples:

1. everyone was jealous of sarah's repertoire of gorgeous summer clothes.

2. i couldn't find what i was looking for on the internet, so i ventured to the library for the complete repertoire of literary criticism.

3. jim's new boss was confident jim could do the job - his repertoire was extensive and his confidence was enviable. 

NOTE: the proper french spelling of this word includes an accent aigu, or a right upward slanting accent over the first e: répertoire. The english spelling omits this. 

image via caseyboudoin.blogspot.com, quoted text via www.merriamwebster.com

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