can we just stop and laugh for a moment that lauren conrad (formerly known as l.c. from mtv's ridiculous reality drama laguna beach, and then lauren on mtv's even more drama-filled spinoff the hills) actually wrote a book?
i guess i can't be too judgemental, i do own the first season of laguna on dvd (i feel i should mention this was a gift, not a purchase), and ocasionally tune in to weekend marathons of the hills. but seriously? a book? and i thought my jennifer weiner novels were guilty pleasures. i can't imagine how much this book must suck. i might be judging lauren a little bit, but i don't really find her too intelligent or intellectual at all. she's cute and dresses better than i could ever dream of dressing (i would enjoy having even 1/4 of her closet), but i basically see her as the rich girl who hasn't really earned much of anything in life.
in case you're curious, you can purchase the book here. and please take a moment to enjoy the "i'm a serious author now" photo of lauren on the back cover:

and i might have just gone on and on about how crappy this book is, but truth be told, i'm probably going to at least read some of it. i could use a good laugh. my books have been far too serious lately.
p.s. regular blog posts starting again next week. finally! i've missed this!

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Blair said...

Whatev.....I know you have at least two copies of this book and have pre-ordered the other two she's "writing"
don't lie!