happy birthday, mom!

tonight was my sweet mom's 49th birthday, so we celebrated with a little family party. i had a work obligation after hours, so i put my dad in charge of the main course (he made this fantastic shrimp in a garlic cream sauce over pasta that was seriously fantastic) and i worked on the appetizer and dessert. since i had to work late, both of these dishes were super great because i prepared them ahead of time. i'm rather proud of my successes:

we started the celebration with bruschetta, which i love. i still reek of garlic and fresh basil from all the chopping but it was totally worth it. easiest thing to make ever (seriously. you don't really even need a recipe) and it's so yum. this was my first attempt, but i'll be making this much more often. i could make a meal out of this stuff!

after dinner, we celebrated with warm chocolate melting cake. i am obsessed with this dessert. while cruising in the caribbean this spring, i ordered it for dessert every night. thankfully, most of the other passengers shared my obsession, and on the last night of the trip we were given the recipe by the  maître d'. it, too, is easy to make, and i prepared the batter ahead of time. after dinner, i stuck the ramekins in the oven for about 12 minutes and i had perfectly gooey little soufflés that i spruced up with a strawberry and some ice cream. they were THIS good, if i'm allowed to say so.

so, happy birthday to my stylish, fabulous, beautiful mom! you are so special and i love you!

image via weheartit. i'd love to know who actually photographed marilyn here?


Blair said...

i'm kind of freaking out that your mom is 49.
add her to the list of women than i'm envious of.

Mom said...

Thank you so much, Sweetheart! I am blessed to be your Mom. Someday when you have a beautiful, precious daughter you will know how very much you are loved! And thank you for helping to make my birthday WONDERFUL!