happy birthday to me!

it's been a long couple of months with only a work computer to get me through (which does not allow me the opportunity to read my favorite blogs or download new music)...and i'm so excited that as of today (and thanks to a wonderful birthday present from my parents/grandma), i am the proud new owner of a powerbook g4. it' gorgeous and compact and it doesn't overheat, or randomly shut off and i don't have to restart it every time i lose an internet connection. i can also hold it on my lap without it burning me and i can now actually listen to my music library on itunes without it getting all choppy and stuck. yay!
that also means, that as soon as i get internet installed at the house in the next few days (i may see if i can "borrow" one of my neighbor's until that time) i can begin regular blogging again! i've missed it so much and have lots of fun ideas that have been waiting in the wings.

so here's to the best birthday present i've received in a while! how excited am i?

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Blair said...

welcome back to the land of computers and internet!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i'm so glad to see you :)